Zendesk Offices – Krakow

The Design Group created a warm and welcoming office space for Zendesk in Krakow, featuring a Danish city-inspired design that combines public and private areas, collaboration spaces, and an abundance of greenery.

The Zendesk office is designed in the style of a Danish city. The flow of space takes you on a journey from public to private areas. The closer you are to the office entrance, the more public the environment becomes. As you go deeper, you’ll find quiet and private spaces, as well as areas conducive to collaboration in small groups. There are numerous coworking zones with comfortable sofas and banquet seating, as well as spaces where teams can organize training or brainstorming sessions. These areas also include semi-open workshop spaces with wide adjustable tables. For larger meetings or town halls, the company can utilize the fountain area, which also serves as a space for informal coffee meetings and includes a designated Cafe Triage zone. Of course, spaces like the kitchen, bar, and game area also foster integration. Another unique feature is the Garden zone, which occupies the largest area of the office and provides many secluded corners for working in pairs or smaller informal groups. It encourages communication and integration among users. This area features attractive irregular-shaped planters with exotic plants. Uncommon for office spaces, the floors are connected by a wide staircase and platforms created by demolishing a large opening in the ceiling.

The architects from The Design Group incorporated many elements into this office, such as panelling, geometric patterns, corsets, and luxferes, reminiscent of Art Deco style or Polish architecture from the 1950s and 1960s. These elements give the project an elegant and sophisticated character. At the same time, they decided to draw inspiration from local cultural heritage. For example, in the chillout zone, between the bar and the game area, the design of the shelving unit reflects the decorative facade of the Wyspiański Pavilion, consisting of special brick tiles mounted on metal rods. To emphasize the unique character of the office and pay homage to Stanisław Wyspiański’s legacy, they covered the glass (located above the stairs) with a special illustration. They invited a local painter from Krakow to recreate the pattern of the artist’s famous stained glass and incorporated Zendesk’s colour palette. This blending of modern and traditional styles ensures coherence between the appearance of the glass and the overall design of the office.

This project also stands out for its high-quality natural materials that meet the requirements of WELL and LEED standards. The gentle and natural colour palette creates a calming and conducive atmosphere for concentration. The abundance of greenery has a soothing effect, and the carefully selected comfortable and stylish movable furniture adds a homely touch. As a result, this office is not reminiscent of a typical workplace but rather a cosy hotel with excellent wellness facilities.