Inside Solutions Rent’s Warsaw Coworking Space

Solutions Rent, a network of coworking spaces that provides relaxed atmosphere for creative people and startups, recently opened a new coworking space in Warsaw, Poland, designed by interior architecture firm The Design Group.

“The base of the project is a classic and timeless combination of white, black and gray. We decided to enrich them with brave wall colors in creative work rooms, various fabrics, paintings or carpets, says Konrad Krusiewicz. Glazings and doors gained muntins, and walls have been finished with stuccoworks. All this distinguishes this space from other co-working spaces. The biggest challenge was to design this office in a way to connect modernity and functionality with the pre-war, elegant block of the tenement house. I really wanted to keep the cohesion between the interior and what we can see outside the window. Thus the eclectic style mixing many designs at the same time, Emilia Wójcicka, the designer from TDG, tells us. An important element of the whole project is the furniture – comfortable and practical, but, above all, domestic and elegant. Therefore in this interior we can find a design referring to the classical style with care for the smallest details. On the surface we can also find selected ornaments in the form of sculptures, old photographic albums, mirrors or candle holders. As a result, the interior is cozy and gains a unique character. I’m most proud of the fact that we managed to create an interior which not only provides perfect conditions for work, but, above all, its style gives us a domestic, cosy feel. We gave very much attention to details, which ensure the quality of this special interior, adds Emilia Wójcicka. When entering the office, we can see a spacious, bright reception full of gold elements. The inside of the reception, with a reception counter in the form of a marble block, is equipped with comfortable, soft furniture and a vast number of plants. The heart of the office, however, is definitely the bar – it is a place of meetings and rest, but it will also do perfectly as a workspace in a less formal environment. The Solutions Rent Coworking office has two spaces of this type – one for each floor. Dressed in various places to sit, shelves full of newspapers and books, a pool table and a TV set, it makes you want to stay for a longer time. The office is equipped with comfortable conference halls, telephone booths, office rooms intended for one or more persons, open spaces for team work, thanks to which everyone will find a place to pursue their business plans,” says The Konrad Krusiewicz Design Group