A Tour of Wienerberger’s Elegant New Warsaw Office

Architecture interior firm The Design Group has recently designed a new office for brick manufacturer Wienerberger in Warsaw, Poland.

“The interior is full of construction elements from the investor’s offer; however, they are not dominant. The Design Group has struck an excellent balance between the expressive appeal of building materials and the lightness of the office. It provides conditions for exceptionally comfortable work, as well as a cosy atmosphere with clever accents. The contrasting elements for blocks and clinkers are white and grey to give a spacious and bright interior. The bleached wood also enlivens the space with its stone and concrete markings. Coupled with colourful furniture and curtains (The Design Group is excellent at incorporating such details into their projects), it was possible to father a modern yet homey office that relies on traditional materials. Graphics and murals introduced into interiors are the hallmarks of the Warsaw design studio. In this design, for example, we may find numerous black-framed photographs. They also underline the private feel of the interior and enhance its quality. Just like beautiful mirrors, bright furniture and stone countertops, it all works great as a contrast to the red bricks. On the other hand, the open ceilings accentuate the industrial spirit of the space. The installations have been preserved visible, but for the sake of space clarity, they have been painted white. The factory flair is also evident in the kitchen and chillout space, which was very important to Wienerberger. In their former office, there was no room for casual meetings and leisure. For this reason, this time the staff were provided with a large kitchen and a part arranged for rest in mind; the whole structure reminds of a trendy café. The office space also reflects the extensive offer of Wienerberger. It may appear that the simple building materials manufactured by the investor are unfit for use in interiors. We couldn’t disagree more! The Design Group team reached for the manufacturer’s portfolio to enrich the office and lend it a unique character. Patterns and structures from the brand’s offer have inspired specific design solution; for example, the openwork partitions made of hollow tiles. Along with the partitions made of white-lacquered steel mesh, they divide the space into appropriate zones and arrange office passageways. Notably, the openwork structure ensures that light permeates the room freely. As a result, the space is ample, and the ambient external light reaches the nooks and crannies of the office. It turned out that clinker tiles are not only great material for making façades but also for interior walls! Their texture and colour perfectly match the workspace. Wienerberger’s production became the key starting point for the whole Warsaw office project. The surface of laminated tiles used as a wall lining bears the inspiration of ceramics from the investor’s product range. But, at the same time, The Design Group had to work out new solutions and seek out unconventional ideas. Owing to this, the studio benefited from solutions rarely found in office interiors. Admittedly, it also entailed new challenges in terms of logistics and structures under construction. But The Design Group is a specialist in dealing with such tasks,” says The Design Group.