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How does the design process work?

Once we know your and your company’s specific needs, we then make a thorough assessment of your lifestyle, tastes and budget. This is followed by a customized interior design style presentation that complements your home or office. We then post a floor plan to determine furniture and decorating arrangements that push forward the natural flow and balance from room to room.

Is it necessary to hire an interior designer to design an office?

This is very important. We not only carry out all interior design work but also handle the procurement, ordering and delivery of finishing materials, furniture, etc. In addition, we are the ones who coordinate the work with subcontractors, which minimizes the risk of problems. You can find out what else we can do for you in our Services tab.

How do we start working with you?

After reviewing our offer located on our website www.en.thedesigngroup.pl in the Services tab, all you need to do is fill out the application form available on our website or write us an email at kontakt@thedesigngroup.pl with information about the location of the project, expectations and scope of services, and send an architectural plan, which will speed up a very estimated valuation and the start of cooperation.

How long does it take to implement a project?

It all depends on whether it’s an Interior Design Concept or a Detailed Design and how large the area is involved. The number of ongoing projects that our team of architects is working on also affects the deadlines. Once you get in touch with us via kontakt@thedesigngroup.pl, we will inform you about the deadlines and answer all relevant questions.