Innovative and Sustainable Architecture

Situated in Warsaw, The Design Group is an architectural studio with many years of experience in office interior design and architectural consultancy. Following its well-deserved success in the Design & Build Awards 2020, we got in touch with Konrad Krusiewicz to find out more about how they earned themselves the accolade Ones to Watch in Poland.


Established in 2015, The Design Group through its
unlimited creativity, architectural knowledge and
years of experience are able to create beautiful office
interiors for its clientele. To start, Konrad provides a
brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its diverse
client base.

“Naturally, we create and deliver meaningful, sustainable and
innovative work environments that improve the success of
employees and the companies they are a part of. In TDG,
we have a strong vision to design the best possible work
environment for the users. Overall, our mission is to create a
second home for the people working in our interiors. In all of
our projects, we bring art and innovations closer to our client’s
employees through innovative and sustainable architecture.
The scope of our services covers interior design, project
management, workplace strategy, space planning and design/
build. Regarding our clientele, we mainly work with corporate
companies that need small, medium, and large offices
(over 10,000 square meters) in such industries as banking,
insurance, fintech, IT, medical, BPO/SSC/GBS, chemistry, RE
and pharmaceutical.”

Since inception, the company’s values and its bespoke
approach to projects have been instrumental in the firm’s
success, as Konrad is keen to highlight.
“Generally, what leads us to success are the values we hold.
We design offices focusing primarily on people and their
environment. Human-centred design is now a trend that has
been present in each of our projects (since the very beginning
of our activity). Apart from that, we have also achieved success
due to our professionalism and the individual approach we take
to each project. Handling each project with the same care, we
ensure each one is different from the previous one.”
Regarding the internal culture in place, with each architect
engaged in a different project, this approach gives everyone a
sense of responsibility as Konrad explains further.
“Based upon TDG vision of working and cooperating together, our
culture encourages us to gain new experiences and knowledge
for ourselves whilst working on a project. This way, each of us
can bring something necessary, innovative, and unique to the
table. Ultimately, the successes achieved by the company are the
successes generated by every single person in this team.”

Over the last few years The Design Group have faced several challenges, however as Konrad points out, the firm have responded in the right way through the efforts of its team. “Recently, we have noticed a growing demand of expectations from our clients. In the past few years, we have faced large income of new companies and new trends. Aside from that, we’ve had to dynamically react to unexpected requirements
from different work cultures, from around the world, as well as to the situation where several generations are now mixing in one work environment with various problems, approaches to work styles and needs. All of this has of course placed a lot of pressure on our team, however thanks to their commitment and dedication, we have overcome all of these obstacles.” Finally, Konrad discusses the firm’s approach to recruitment before sharing its plans moving forward. “Naturally, we are in the process of recruitment practically all the time. From the beginning of TDG, a new person comes in every three months on average, thanks to which our team is constantly growing, and at the same time creates a permanent and coherent structure. We are currently working on projects for one of the most important project transactions in Central and Eastern Europe, which is Allegro’s relocation to huge offices in Warsaw and Pozna. Beyond that, we will of course continue to work closely with our clients and prepare for a new way of working in a post COVID-19 world.”